The CEOM calls for solidarity to tackle the corona

آخر تحديث 2020-03-06

The CEOM calls for solidarity to tackle the corona

Brussels on March 5, 2020

The spread of Corona virus (Covid 19) HAS caused great panic in the world. The speed of its transmission and the large number of its human victims necessitates that all countries must exploit all potential means and take more precautions to face the complications and repercussions of this epidemic. The Council expresses its solidarity with all the injured in various countries of the world, and praises the parties responsible for their continued efforts to protect their citizens from this deadly epidemic. It requires that everyone stand together in solidarity with each other.

The teachings of Islam call for the introduction of precautionary and preventive measures in the field of epidemic control and diseases. The council calls on all citizens to respect the actions taken by the authorities responsible for limiting the spread of the virus, and follow the instructions issued in this regard.

On this occasion, the council also appeals to imams, religious guides, mosque officials and Islamic centres and all male and females to engage in awareness campaigns and inform people about what they should do towards prevention. This situation reminds Muslims to exercise a sense of responsibility and embody values such as cooperation, synergy and altruism, especially in these critical times.

European Council of Moroccan Scholars