About the opening of mosques in Europe at present time

آخر تحديث 2020-05-30

About the opening of mosques in Europe at present time

All praise is due to ALLAH (God) and Allah`s peace and blessings be upon his final messenger, his pure family, his noble companions and all those who follow them with righteousness until the day of judgment.

Following the announcement of the gradual suspension of quarantine, or easing of it - according to the European regions. The Council reached more than a question on the issue of opening mosques and Islamic centers in Europe, and returning to congressional prayers and the Friday prayer, alternately or gradually, with complex conditions and difficult controls, which led us to the forthcoming study of prior case in a wise way , comprehensive and careful, away from all feelings and whims, may Allah guide us to the right path.

It is well known to the private and public that collective fatwas have been issued by the advisory bodies accredited in the Islamic world that mosques should be closed, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic. For all those who visit it, away from all partial solutions and precautionary conditions, with which we according to experience do not guarantee that the epidemic will not spread, which makes people anxious. The imam instead would say, " break up, split up, get out." And so on from the new phrases that worry the worshippers, worry them and prevent them from praying safely and in a favorable way. Add to this the sight of muzzle and gloves, continuous washing of hands, in through and out the door, depriving handshakes, hugging and sociability before and after prayers, and the reservation of all satins and coughs inside, sensitive, and force the worshippers to bring carpets and special napkins from their homes, with the complexity and sterilization that follows, whispers and illusion, without losing sight of the possibility of a patient leaking into the ranks, does not show symptoms of the disease, does not know from himself that he is sick, or hiding, and does not accept being treated as a patient, which opens a door of conflict, disharmony and incitement.

This characteristic (in collective prayer) and if permitted, in these circumstances, from the most worthy scholars, and we appreciate and respect their fatwas. It does not give the assurance intended in prayer, and it costs problems what we may not be able to do, or what the vast majority worshippers cannot.

If Muslims in Europe knew what to gain with their patience and waiting, and their prayers in their homes temporarily (in accordance with the Shariaa permittance) would not have fallen into this haste, or improvisation, and would not have cost themselves this problem, simply to please some enthusiasts, or to be influenced by the words of some preachers, or other reasons in different regions , mosques and values, forget the words of Allah: “And when there comes to them a matter pertaining to public security or fear, they spread it (among the people). But if only—(before spreading it)— they had referred it back to the Messenger and to those in authority over them...”(4.83).

One of the doctrinal rules that can be invoked and derived to support the view of bridging pretexts, and the importance of waiting, and not daring to open mosques now, is a rule: "Preventing evil is more important than gaining benefits", which is a golden rule, indispensable in the part of budgets and priorities, and a conclusion to its meaning: that Shariaa has taken more care of terminators than he is interested in the data, contrary to what many religious people believe, exposing himself and non-harmful to realization or the most likely a spoiler. As for the congressional prayer, Friday prayer or Eid prayer, it is in the interests of a man who is orderly and desired, but this is limited by ability or ability, as Allah says: "So keep your duty to Allah and fear Him as much as you are able"(64.16)

In the Sunnah of Imam Ahmad, Sunan ibn Magah and others, Allah's Messenger (PBUH) said: If I command you something, take there from what you can, and if I forbid you from something, then stop. And in a narration of Bukhari and Muslim: "If I command you something, do as much as you can of it".

The most numerous, denser, narrowest and less ventilated places are more vulnerable to the spread of this epidemic (corona epidemic) - as confirmed by reports, and told by specialist doctors - and most mosques in Europe of this kind, as everyone knows, There is no example of the rare in prayers and large Islamic centers, and therefore it is necessary to reserve lives , and to block pretexts to prevent the spread of infection, to harm the worshippers, to terrorize citizens, to return them to zero point, to distort the image of religion, and to expose the house of God to things that are not worthy of praise.

To avoid the harmful and obtain the good, the pilgrimage of the people of Morocco and Andalusia was not mandatory in the recent past by fatwas by several Moroccan scholars, most notably the fatwa of Ibn Rushd, may God rest his soul, which was circulated by the people for nearly 80 years, and he agreed to release the hajj from the people of Al-Andalus, Ibn Hamidin and Al-Khakhmi , all to preserve the safety and security of people from roads on land and sea, or to save the soul from wars that have been used in the Orient, as is known.

As for putting the congressional prayer in front of the Friday prayer, in this urgent or impromptu opening of mosques, is doubtful. The jurisprudential rule says: "If the biggest thing falls,, what is less than that will also fall”, i.e. if two or more things come together and most of the apology falls, he falls and is still less than him rank and meaning. If Friday prayers have fallen away from those accused of the epidemic's apology, and scientists have said that, which is a great obligation that Allah has revealed in it, is Sura al-Friday, then it is better to drop the prayer congregation in the five prayers, and this is a very important balancing act.

One of the total doctrinal rules that should also be derived or invoked in this coming-down rule is the rule of "difficulty brings ease": that is, the real temporary hardship, (not the imaginary difficulty doubt) requires license, facilitation and relief, and this is God's will. This is a whole rule, and another rule is: 'No duty with disability'. One of its applications for ourselves today is that the origin of prayers should be brought on its original face, time, place, recipe and amount, in other words: to apply in letters, but this application is always conditioned by ability and ability, which we forget a lot, and when this capacity is not, or is more likely to be lacking, it is back to relief and facilitation , and can be lifted either in whole or in part.

In our European reality, their words are unanimous that the Corona epidemic is still present, fluctuated, lurking, concealed, ready to fall into it is deadly.

Experts also stress that the people most at risk for this deadly epidemic - we ask God for well-being - are elderly, those with chronic diseases, and they mostly represent the people in the mosques, especially in the five daily prayers.

Regardless of the conditions, controls and precautions to be followed when visiting mosques - in these exceptional circumstances - it is nothing more than theoretical or consumer words that are difficult or cannot be applied in everyday life, for reasons known to imams, preachers and those ordering mosques.

A historical benefit: When Ibn Rushd and other Maliki scholars demanded the decline of the Hajj from the people of Morocco and Andalusia (for known dangers) many of the public did not respond, And the passion of many sick and elderly people was washed away, and they infiltrated through the twisted roads and left to some of them perished on the road, others fell into captivity, and the Sheikh of Maliki in his day , Imam Al-Tartouchi, had to make it haraam to travel to the Hajj, and he said: "Whoever risked a pilgrimage fell forced, but he sinned with what he committed with the crimes he committed." All this is filling pretexts, paying spoiler, and saving souls.

We conclude this statement with the following conclusion: that prevention of evil is given to create interests, prevention is better than cure, and in the legitimate licensing capacity, and waiting for a way out, and in humility, and what we are in Europe with the most knowledge and goodness and piety, or more urgent on Friday and the group of scientists term scientists in the scientific councils , doctrinal mosques, fatwas institutions, and millions of Muslims around the world, who have accepted the license of Allah, and are free from their work and functions, and avoid all risks and arguments, waiting for a safe and reassuring return to the mosques, and may it be soon, insha Allah.

God is superior and knows best.